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Tandem Wellness Center

Faith-based integrated behavioral health and addictions program

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Your Recovery Starts Here

At Tandem Wellness Center in Brighton, Colorado, we are committed to your recovery. Our nontraditional approach to providing counseling along with our integrated behavioral health and addiction program aims to foster a partnership with you. We promise to give you superior, compassionate, and individualized care. Whenever you are ready, schedule an appointment with us. 

How We Started

Tandem Wellness Center, LLC began as an individual private practice in 2001. In 2013, the private practice of Dianna Sandoval, LPC, LAC expanded to Tandem Wellness Center, LLC. The program grew from providing individual therapy services with one provider to offering counseling, nutritional coaching, and trauma release through therapeutic massage.

Growing from one staff person to 10 staff, in 2015, the founder of Tandem Wellness Center, LLC partnered with two individuals to cofound a treatment program called Sandstone Care. This program provides mental health and substance abuse services to adolescents, young adults and families.

Tandem Wellness Center, LLC was scaled back to a private practice model for the past 4 ½ years. We are excited to ramp up and re-kindle the program with new and innovative services in mental health, addictions, and organizational coaching on program development and organizational culture.

In this new chapter we will be offering outpatient services, individual, couples, and family counseling, integrative services with nutritional, experiential, and eclectic treatment approaches to ensure individualized care. Tandem Wellness Center, LLC is a faith-based program. The program is built on loving, accepting, and serving all of God’s people whether they are faith based or not.


Mission Statement

To heal and grow God’s people


Dianna Sandoval, Owner

Tandem Wellness Center, LLC is founded and operated by Dianna Sandoval, LPC, LAC. Dianna has 30 years’ experience in the behavioral health field. She is dually licensed in the state of Colorado to provide mental health and addiction services. In addition to these services Dianna is a “clinical architect”.

She has designed and implemented multiple programs in the state of Colorado and in Maryland. These programs range from Residential, PHP, IOP, OP, and counseling for individuals, couples, and families. Dianna is a co-founder of Sandstone Care and functioned as the Executive Clinical Director.

In addition to developing clinical programs and providing direct clinical services, Dianna is also a strong leader in the field providing clinical supervision, team building, and establishing healthy organizational cultures in the behavior health profession.

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